Bitcoin Investment Strategy for
Reduced risk
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No minimums. No lockups. Fully algorithmic investment strategy.

  • Worldwide availability

    Global availability

    No investor accreditation is required, no minimum investment. Hedged Bitcoin is available globally as a web and mobile application powered by the Uphold Platform.

  • Waitlist to hedge Bitcoin

    Investment waitlist

    Since cryptocurrency markets are still at times limited in their liquidity, we maintain an ongoing waitlist to process investments only when it is optimal to do so.

  • Early detection of unstable herding patterns

    Instability detection

    A proprietary market instability detection technology developed by Ternary Intelligence is used to anticipate severe market corrections based on investor herding patterns.

  • Dynamic Bitcoin exposure

    Dynamic portfolio

    Our algorithmic strategy modulates the Bitcoin exposure dynamically based on systematic market analysis, striving for a balance between the upside potential and reduced drawdowns.

  • Liquid Hedged Bitcoin investment

    Liquid investment

    Once your deposit on the waitlist is processed and invested, you can withdraw the funds at any time, without any lockups.

  • Safer


Hedged Bitcoin strategy in various market regimes. Read White Paper for more details.

Hedge Bitcoin to prevent significant losses

Long-term bearish market

Gains Instead of Losses

Improved risk-adjusted performance

Bubble and correction

Reduced Risk

Bitcoin entry timing

Entry timing risk reduction

Gains Instead of Losses


Hedged Bitcoin is a Ternary Intelligence product powered by the Uphold Platform.

Beau Giannini, Ph.D.

Beau Giannini, Ph.D.

CEO, Ternary Intelligence

Pavel Paramonov, Ph.D.

Pavel Paramonov, Ph.D.

CSTO, Ternary Intelligence

Based in San Francisco, we are working at the intersection of computational science and algorithmic finance.